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How To Arrange A Living Room With Acoustic Panel?

A decorative resource that is coming back into fashion is to cover the walls and furniture with wooden cleats . Indeed, thanks to the slender vertical lines of the wooden cleats, one obtains not only a visual order, but also surfaces with an interesting relief and ceiling height. Offering warmth and a modern but still handcrafted aesthetic, cleat will always be a good choice when it comes to choosing a covering for interior spaces or furniture making.

We may have seen this concept before, and that's because wood batten has typically been used as an exterior cladding. But recently, it seeps into interior spaces in the form of walls, furniture and decorative decorations.



The wooden Acoustic panel is aesthetic. Its touch is therefore pleasant and it will combine with all types of furniture and tones. It adapts to the industrial, colonial, contemporary or even classic style. You just have to know how to choose the most suitable tone for each of them.   Therefore, wood does not understand tastes. Wood has qualities and advantages over any other material such as cement or stone.


Enormous durability: In dry room conditions, trouble-free wooden decoration without loss of aesthetic qualities will last for decades. In damp rooms, for example, in a bathroom, pre-treated wood with hydrophobic impregnations is used, which protects the material from saturation with moisture and, as a result, from swelling and rotting. Termites and other pests are another problem, but their appearance and reproduction are extremely unlikely inside the house.
There are no special requirements for the finished surface: The batten can cover uneven walls with cracks and other imperfections.

The Perfect Surface: Wooden cleats are able to align the wall surface with perfect flatness and smoothness. Which gives the interior a shade of elegance and perfection.

Excellent acoustic insulation: the cleat perfectly absorbs and retains sound. Which, in the presence of outside noise, makes the stay in the house more pleasant and comfortable. Also, the level of outgoing sound is reduced. Which allows you to listen to music and watch movies out loud, organize parties and not spoil relations with your neighbors.

Post time: Jan-13-2023