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LVIL Acoustic Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels

LVIL Acoustic Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels, or wall panels are fabric laminated acoustical wall panels that provide excellent sound and noise control. They can be applied on walls. With the colorful acoustic fabric on the front surface of the Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels.

We construct and install a wide range of fabric walls systems built, Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels to mitigate noise in auditoriums. Stretchable fabric Wrapped acoustical wall system with nearly unlimited panel sizes. Most Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels are reinforced with glue and/or the fabric is glued to the substrate.

Our Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels can be manufactured in any of the many attractive acoustic fabrics offered in the industry, including premium fabrics offered by TianGe Acoustic of China. We provide Fabric Wrapped Acoustics Wall Panels in custom and standard sizes that offer acoustic performance in auditorium.





Six advantages of the Fabric Wrapped Wall Panel:

1> Stable product quality and zero complaints.

2> High temperature resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, and aging resistance;

3> Functional products with sound absorption, strong decorative;

4> Wide range of applications:suitable for both house and industry decoration;

5> High anti-collision coefficient and not easy to break;

6> Able to achieve full frequency sound absorption

Post time: Jan-02-2024