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Acoustic Panel: How To Integrate Them Into Your Interior?


While the wooden cleats were mainly used to partition spaces, they quickly became indispensable in interior decoration. It's hard to imagine a comfortable and pleasant living room without integrating a few wooden elements such as cleat panels.
Nevertheless, to bring out the practical and aesthetic side of the cleat, some tailor-made advice is needed. For example, you can use it as a headboard, as a wall decoration, as a bookcase or even as a ceiling. Find our best tips for integrating ACOUSTIC PANEL a house.

Acoustic panel for partitioning rooms

The first idea that immediately comes to mind when talking about Acoustic panel is to use it as a partition wall. Indeed, they are quite simply the ideal materials to separate two living spaces: the bedroom and the living room, the kitchen and the living room or even the office and the living room. These panels have the advantage of both a rigid dividing wall and which nevertheless allow free air and light to circulate inside the rooms of the dwelling.

In the search for a classic and warm style of decoration, it is in your interest to choose fairly thin, but resistant cleats. The ideal thickness is between 10 mm and 15 mm. And with the thickness of the felt, a total thickness of 20 to 25 mm would be highly appreciable.

Acoustic panel a beautiful entrance room with cleats

As an essential decorative idea highlighting the panels in cleats, there is no better than the establishment of an entrance room. You just need to have a few panels in your living room to get some. Our cleats can also be used in your kitchen to create a more convivial space for meals. And unlike other types of partitions, they still allow you to unify the different rooms of the house in some way because of their light and warm appearance.

In addition, by hanging coat hooks on your cleat wall, you get an essential vintage coat rack in a raw style. In the same alternative, also add a wooden bench that can be used as a shoe storage box and a shoe removal corner.

Post time: Jan-13-2023