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It turns out that the popular sound-absorbing grille background wall can also be designed like this~

The wood grille sound-absorbing panel is composed of polyester fiber sound-absorbing board (sound-absorbing felt) and wooden strips arranged at intervals, and is an excellent sound-absorbing and diffusing material. The sound waves produce different reflection waves due to the concave and convex surfaces, and then form the sound diffusion. There are a large number of connected holes in the sound-absorbing felt. After the sound waves enter the holes, friction is generated and turned into heat energy, which effectively reduces echoes. The wooden grid sound-absorbing panel meets the dual acoustic requirements of sound absorption and diffusion with its beautiful and simple design.https://www.htwallpanel.com/new-style-pet-acoustic-panels-for-wall-product/
Acoustic grills are made of high-quality wood and are designed to improve the acoustics of any room. After installation, you can not only enjoy better sound quality, but also add beauty to the wall. The slats are available in a variety of solid woods such as walnut, red oak, white oak and maple.https://www.htwallpanel.com/acoustic-panel/
The installation is very simple, it can be glued with glass glue, or installed on the wall through the bottom plate with screws.
Panels can be easily cut with a chainsaw to the desired length. If the width needs to be adjusted, the polyester base can be cut with a sharp utility knife.Acoustic Slat Wall Panels

Post time: Aug-18-2023