High Quality Polyester Board Wood Sound Absorbing Panel

High Quality Polyester Board Wood Sound Absorbing Panel

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Beautiful rooms and fantastic acou- stics with natural wood panels.

All wood panels from Huite  are produced with an A-veneer, to ensure the best quality in your room.

Choose the type of wood and colour that suits your home, your decor     and your style. We work with durable woods such as oak and walnut, but contact us if you want something different.

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Choose the right core.

Our acoustic panels are made in plain MDF, moisture resistant MDF and  fire-retardant MDF. Selected variants are available in both black and light MDF core.

Ordinary MDF is used indoors for classic ceiling and wall panels.
Moisture-resistant MDF is treated with special oil, so your panels can      resist rot and mould – and thus can be used outdoors as under-cladding,

such as overhangs, covered terraces or carport ceilings. Do not use on vertical surfaces directly exposed to water.

Fire-retardant MDF has a B-s1, d0 approval as raw board. In addition, we offer surface treatment using a flame-retardant PU varnish.

Good acoustics can easily be combined with beautiful design. With huite you get a unique

installing solution, which with finger joints and an eye for detail ensures a perfect result every time,

with just half the installation time compared to similar products on the market.


Bring natural materials and stylish lines into your decor with huite acoustic wood panels. Create harmony. Create peace. Create spaces you want to live in. With our efficient acoustic panels, you can change the atmosphere in your home – visually and acoustically. Invisible joints ensure a perfect finish whether filling an entire wall, or just using a single panel.
Huite ceiling and wall panels are inspired by the Nordic, classic design tradition, where natural materials and clean lines make your room a place worth living and breathing in.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels

Fire safety for Basic, Medio+ and Pro+

We’ve taken a stand – and that’s why you can safely invite nature inside with huite . Fire performance is a crucial area, and why it’s important for us to be able to document approved use of our panels. Huite has been subjected to a number of tests on our standard panels.huite Basic, Medio+ and Pro+ (ordinary MDF) have been tested in accordance with EN 13823, which proves that they achieve a minimum of a D-s2, d2 (class 2 cladding), which is the requirement for ceiling and wall cladding in the home.

Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Acoustic Panel Sound

Eye for detail

Adjustments and details are no problem with huite wall panels. With easy installation and a unique finish, you always get a razor-sharp result.

Developed for the ear. Designed for the eye

The harmony between aesthetics and acoustics is the result of advanced craftsmanship and a product thought through to the smallest detail.

High Quality Sound Proof Outdoor Decoration
Acoustic panels sound proof

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