Wholesale customized size acoustic wall panel board 

Wholesale customized size acoustic wall panel board 

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Acoustic Slat Wall Panel

Our Acoustic Slat Wall Panel and ceilings can quickly transform any modern space. These Acoustic Slat Wall Panels are made of veneered thin slats placed on an acoustical felt backing for durability. Slatwall panels are easy to install yourself and instantly elevate your bedroom, living room or office into a sophisticated modern space.

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Product parameters of PET Acoustic Panel

Acoustic Panel Type Compact PET Acoustic Panel
General use Interior decoration, sound abosorbing
NRC 0.7~0.95,SGS Test for polyester fiber acoustic panel
Surface Type Melamine / Wooden Veneer with Varnish/ Painting / HPL
Back Kuspanel
Material E0 MDF/B1 MDF/Black MDF
Specification Groove 27mm, Edge to edge 13mm
Thickness 12mm/15mm/18mm+9mm kuspanel
Test FeatureEco protection, sound absorption, flame retardant

product description

Slatted Wood Wall Panels are handcrafted and come from the finest materials. They fit any design theme, from natural and rustic to sleek and modern. All materials used to create acoustic wood panels are environmentally friendly. Create your luxury wood slat wall quickly and easily with our collection of acoustic wood wall panels - the easiest way to achieve a modern slat wall.

Advantages of Acoustic Slat Wall Panel
1. The perfect slatted wood wall panels for all interior environments.
Slatted Wood Wall Panels are ideal for all interior applications. Provides an attractive, easy-to-install, all-in-one panel solution.
2. Outstanding noise reduction performance.
The perfect solution for sound absorption, reducing the reverberation time of noise in your space. Achieve Class A sound absorption when installing batons.
3. Carefully designed hand paneling solutions.
Acoustic wood slat walls and ceilings are carefully designed to seamlessly transform any space and visually and acoustically enhance the surroundings.

4. Designed for a quick and straightforward installation process.
Simply screw the panels directly into the wall through a felt acoustic backing, or if you want Class A acoustics, you can install the panels with a baton.
5. Felt backing made from recycled materials.
Our wood is sourced and produced from certified sustainable sources, and our backing felt is made from recycled materials - a completely environmentally friendly product.
6. Modern, clean, contemporary and elegant design.
Luxury Acoustic Slat Wall Panels are carefully designed to easily transform any space and visually and acoustically enhance the surroundings.
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Acoustic panel

Application of PET Acoustic Panel

Hotel lobby, corridor, room decoration
Conferencre halls, schools, recording rooms, studios, residences
Shopping malls, office space etc.

Acoustic panel 3
Acoustic panel 2

There are six advantages about this product:

1. Stable product quality and zero complaints
2. Standard products,available for stock
3. Functional products with sound absorption,strong decorative.
4. Wide range of applications: suitable for both house and industry decoration
5. Applicable website sales and distributor channel sales
6. The slatted acoustic panel series products bring luxurious quality and advanced noise reduction effect in the most cost-effective way.

Acoustic panel

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