mdf veneer slat acoustic panels

mdf veneer slat acoustic panels

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Wooden slat panel is made of MDF Panel + 100% polyester fiber panel. It can quickly transform any modern space, enhancing the visual and auditory aspects of the environment.
The panels are hand-crafted from the highest quality materials and are a specially developed acoustic felt made from recycled materials with sustainably recycled properties that reduce noise levels and are an effective solution to sound absorption while reducing noise reverberation time in the home.

*Each SLATTED ACOUSTIC PANEL is handmade, which not only enhances the sense of decoration visually, but also creates a quieter and more comfortable environment.

*The products use environmentally friendly materials and are certified by authoritative organizations.

*The advantage of SLATTED ACOUSTIC PANEL:Sound absorption,Fire resistance,Decorative aesthetics.

Sound Absorbing Wood Slats
Wood Acoustic Panel Pet

1. Stable product quality and zero complaints

2. Standard products, available for stock

3. Functional products with sound absorption, strong decorative.

4. Wide range of applications:suitable for both house and industry decoration

5. Applicable website sales and distributor channel sales
Acoustics Panel Slats

Laminated Wood Acoustic Panels

Pet Acoustic Panel Wooden Veneer

Wood Veneer Slats

Wooden Slat Acoustic Ceiling

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