UV interior decorative wall panels

UV interior decorative wall panels

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Super smooth surface of MDF substrate
Uniform pasting of veneer on MDF due to special pressing technology
Solid wood like look
As the UV coating line is fully automatic so the finish on these panels is uniform all over and gives a great finish
100% environment friendly as all products are environment friendly
The gloss level is more than 98 degree thus giving a mirror finish
UV coated is 100% cure so no change in gloss levels with time.
Value for money product.
Ready to use product as the panel is ready to be used in the application without the efforts of doing any polish on that.

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Wood High Gloss UV Coating (3)

UV PE Foam Board is a unique thermoplastic alternative to traditional timber or rubber construction materials. This versatile material is virtually indestructible, lightweight, weatherproof and rust-, chemical- and mould-resistant.

UV PE Foam Board finds itself most at home in outdoor applications requiring a lightweight, durable material with good impact resistance, such as horse stables, animal enclosures, sporting facility barriers and outdoor cabinetry and furniture. It has been certified safe for animal contact and will not emit odours like wood, so is not attractive to chew.

UV wall board is a board whose surface is protected by UV treatment. UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet (ultraviolet), and UV board UV paint is ultraviolet curing paint, also known as light-initiated paint. SPC stone plastic substrate is formed by UV paint and then dried by UV light curing machine. It has bright surface treatment and bright color. It can be said that it has strong visual impact, wear resistance and chemical resistance. The service life is also very long, it does not change color, it is easy to clean, and the cost is high. It also has relatively high requirements for mechanical equipment and process technology, and is an ideal plate maintenance and treatment process.

UV wall boards

(1)High hardness,high abrasion resistance,fireresistant UV resin as a decorative layer,so that the whole plate with a variety of individually decorated,stable and excellent performance.

(2)Application:Special personalized decorative texture boards to require special decorative effect of public interior customers new options,which go beyond the strength of the fire board,superior abrasion resistance and hardness,not only can be used in walls,or you can even directly as ground decoration materials.

Wood High Gloss UV Coating (6)

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Wood High Gloss UV Coating (4)
Wood High Gloss UV Coating (5)

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(3) We can supply free part for full container order
(4) We can make sizes according to customer required

Wood High Gloss UV Coating (1)
Wood High Gloss UV Coating (2)

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