Wholesale Felt Sound Insulation Board

Wholesale Felt Sound Insulation Board

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Acoustic Felt Panel Application Areas

Pet polyester Aksa Felt Panels® products are acoustic arrangement materials with their extremely stylish designs in acoustic applications. Positioning can be done by paying attention to the volume of the area on the surface of the regions where the echo is actively heard. Since our company has an Acoustic Consultancy service, you can help you in this regard, you can create your acoustic project and put an end to noise pollution. Remember “Noise is Pollution! ” .

Our acoustic felt panels take an active role in conference halls, call centers, shopping malls, hospitals, cinema rooms, offices, meeting rooms, libraries, radio rooms, restaurants, bars and many more. If you wish, do not forget to contact us for your models that you can position on t24 apparatus on the ceiling or behind the tv unit!

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Acoustic Felt Panel Application Method

Since acoustic polyester felt panels have many models suitable for use in walls, ceilings, tables and spaces, they also have many application models. Velcro tape, double-sided tape net tape, magnet, silicone and screw can be preferred for direct application to the surface. Suspension apparatus should be used for acoustic curtain, baffle ceiling, canopy floating ceiling, etc. models that are desired to be used by hanging from the ceiling. Acoustic sound insulation applications are not provided by using materials only on walls and ceilings. Special feet are used for table separator – separation systems, which are preferred to prevent speech sounds on tables more closely. In addition, acoustic screens with their wheeled and footed systems are preferred at the point where the sound is heard freely.

The surface of acoustic felt panels can hold dust particles and small parts, but cleaning is not troublesome. Dust is extracted with a broom so as not to damage the detail at the application point. When liquid substances such as fruit juice, paint, etc. come into contact with it, you can easily clean the surface with wet cleaning materials.

Decorative Polyester Fiber acoustic panel mdf

Advantages of the slatted acoustic panels

1.stable product quality and zero complaints.

2.standard produxts,available for stock

3. functional profucts with sound absorption,strong decorative.

4.wide range of applications:suitable for both house and industry decoration

5.applicable webssite sales and ddistributor channels sales.

mdf veneer slat acoustic panels

Acoustic Felt Panel

Acoustic felt panel – Aksa Felt Panels® products are produced from Pet Polyester recycled plastic bottles designed for you to live in a quieter environment in every area. This material, which does not pose any health problems and contributes to recycling, brings a new era in your acoustic designs.

Wooden Slat Acoustic Panels


Wooden slat panel can be widely used on walls and ceilings, ifor living room, corridor,

kitchen, children's room, bedroom and office.They are also suitable for public communities, shops and restaurants, etc.

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