Factory Direct Free Samples Sound Ceiling Acoustic Panel Wall Wood

Factory Direct Free Samples Sound Ceiling Acoustic Panel Wall Wood

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Acoustic Wooden Slat Wall Panels Many modern buildings suffer from bad acoustics due to the many straight surfaces, reflecting the sound and reverberating even when speaking. Our acoustic panels are made of wooden slats on top of a specially developed thicker acoustic felt.

By using our acoustic panels you break the straight surfaces and significantly improve room acoustics. The panels are measured to be able to attenuate the acoustics up to 70% in the room in which they are installed. This gives you a more comfortable and quieter-sounding environment.

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The modern interior design tends to be simple and minimalist with large and clean surfaces, which is really nice, but it can be problematic when it comes to the acoustics. The result can be a home where there is a lot of noise and reverb. One can even do some things to avoid this - one can adjust with curtains, blankets, soft furnishings, pillows and the like, which can help to absorb the sound.

If you want to significantly improve your acoustics, these acoustic panel panels are a great bet! Could be in the living room, hallway, kitchen, children's room, bedroom or office.
They are also suitable for office communities, shops and restaurants - there is only your imagination that sets limits. The Kusrustic is designed to reduce the noise level and is an effective solution for sound absorption while bringing down the reverberation time for noise in the home.

If you want to achieve an even better absorbency, it is recommended to lay a 3mm MLV insulation behind the panel as an extended acoustic solution. The acupuncture is made up of black/Red/white MDF slats with wood veneer mounted on a black kuspanel made from recycled plastic bottles.The acoustic panels are  designed by Kingkus and they are produced in China.

Kusrustic Panels can be mounted with very few tools - the panel is mounted on 5 horizontal bars with black screws. You will find E0 hot glue,spray glue or gun nail to install on the wall

Acoustic Panel For Interior Decoration


Our acoustic wall panels in wooden cleats transform your interiors and make them warmer. we have been supporting individuals and professionals in their decorative process. Our mission is to bring you unique solutions for the layout of your interiors. The cleat is made from Valchromat, a black mass-dyed, quality medium, and covered with a solid wood veneer. Our batten walls were created with the aim of enhancing everyone's favorite interiors. Have you ever wondered why your room was not acoustically isolated enough, and why everyday noises attack your ears so much? It's now or never to solve this problem, to improve your hearing comfort. The problem is that most acoustic installations are intended for places open to the public, not necessarily for individuals, or the design may leave something to be desired. The wooden cleat panel that we offer is the perfect blend of aesthetics and performance.

Wooden Slat Acoustic Panels


If you want to take it a step further and design a modern space using wood, you might like this type of design with vertical cleats that run the length of the headboard and continue to create a drop ceiling. This way of decorating is very appropriate when you want to add a headboard to your bed. Indeed, the extension of the wood towards the ceiling will complete the decoration and give it a very original touch.

Office High Density Lightweight Pet Acoustic Panels


The appearance of your batten wall can also be very varied. Much depends on the type of wood, the varnish or paint it has been treated with, the size of the boards or cleats and how they are placed on the wall.

MDF wood veneer wood slat acoustic panel
mdf veneer slat acoustic panels

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